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Responsibilities: Central Business District


The office of the special adviser on Central Business Districts was established with the following statutory responsibilities on all Central Business Districts of the State:

  1. Effective and efficient environmental service and improvement in solid waste management (monitoring and enforcement) through the established of CBD Sanitation Corps and collaborative arrangement with the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA).
  2. Effective and efficient traffic management in the CBD through the established of the CBD Traffic Management Corps.
  3. Assist relevant agencies in providing adequate security of life and property of businesses and residents through collaboration with appropriate security agencies; and the provision of emergency management rescue services.
  4. Effective rehabilitation of miscreants through counseling, engagement and management of unemployed youth.
  5. Create an environment devoid of any hindrance to smooth business transaction (Promotion of competitive business environment)
  6. Identify and develop vacant or abandoned landed properties at shopping malls and multi-storey car parks.
  7. Promote and oversee of CBD public/private investments necessary for furthering the transformation CBD
  8. Enhance the aesthetics of CBD roads and its surrounding through beautification of the business environment
  9. Harness the resources of stakeholders and foster partnership through regular consultations with various interested groups.
  10. Promotion of behavioral change towards achieving sense of ownership and responsibility in all stakeholders
  11. Regular maintenance of infrastructure within the district


  • Administration & Human Resources Department
  • Accounts Department
  • Enforcement / Monitoring Department
  • Planning Unit
  • Procurement Unit
  • Legal Unit
  • Audit Unit
  • Public Affairs Unit
  • Information/Communication Technology (ICT)


  • Block 17, 2nd Floor Alausa Secretariat
  • Onikan Swimming Pool Lagos Island